A l e M o r

When AleMor sings, her voice, movement, and energy demand the presence of anyone who hears her. Whether the Colombian singer is crooning a tender rendition of La Vie en Rose or making jaws drop with her infamous ‘mouth trumpet,’ her lively performances remind listeners to stop and smell the roses. 

AleMor doesn’t just transmit that message through her rich and versatile voice, which blends elements of R&B, soul, jazz, and bolero, but also through her ever-playful yet poised stage presence. Singing in Spanish, English, French, and Portuguese, she makes every song uniquely hers. The Miami-based singer’s unique talents led her to perform on the Latin-American televised singing competition La Voz and have drawn a loyal following for her weekly Mor Music Mondays video series

A gifted writer, AleMor plans to release her first solo album in 2021. In it, she has arranged the best of her celebratory yet soul-baring poetry. With her heart on her sleeve, she sings about self-exploration and self-acceptance, drawing from lessons she has learned from past loves, hardships, and the various characters in her life. As she blends these with the diverse genres and cultures that have come to define her sound, she seeks to create music with which listeners can feel identified and validated. 

As she continues to develop as an artist, AleMor seeks to continue her exploratory journey through collaborations with other artists and through opportunities to experiment with her sound and creative process. 

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